Learning 1-2-3

Ming Chuan University is promoting employment readiness through several emphases. One is encapsulated by the theme of “Learning 1-2-3”, which translates to each student finishing one (1) Crossdisciplinary Focused Program, completing two (2) Career Prep Maps (comprising the required and professional electives that will prepare them for specific careers, and earning three (3) professional certificates or licenses prior to graduation. Cross-disciplinary Focused Programs are currently being optimized through two means: 1) Through evaluation of marketplace trends and enrollments, those which are not meeting a current need will be phased out; and 2) Inter-department recognition of credits counting toward graduation will be improved to make enrolling in such programs more realistic for a higher volume of students.


A second goal is elevating students’ off-campus internship participation from the current 25% to 40% of the undergraduate student body. Meanwhile, departments are striving to ensure that at least 60% of capstone courses/graduation projects are linked with academia-industry cooperation, especially those for which across-the-board internships for all students is not practicable at present. Meanwhile, Student Affairs Division has launched a 3+1 advisory mechanism for students from departments that do not yet require internships. This mechanism cultivates vocational skills, increases students’ knowledge of industry development, and develops desired employee attitudes. Industry professionals are invited to speak on career development topics 5-6 times each academic year. Overall, this should allow each graduate to leave the institution with not only a diploma in hand, but also having significant added value in the job market through their interaction with related industries.