10 Pillars of MCU Education

Since the 2013-14 academic year, Ming Chuan University has been hard at work on concrete efforts and evaluation of how to effectively cultivate the ‘10 Pillars’ of MCU education in each of its students. Five of the pillars depict eastern education philosophy: Morals, Knowledge, Sports, Teamwork and Aesthetics, while five encapsulate keys for success in the 21st century: Technology, Planning, Communication, Internationalization and Employment. The application of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) assessment and improvement cycle to the 10 Pillars is a continuous effort. Initially, the institution is piloting various means of measuring the levels of achievement and progress for 10 Pillars, knowing that some of the Pillars which are more esoteric in nature will undergo a longer incubation and refining of the means of measurement. The initial thrust resulted in assessment of the undergraduate graduating class of June 2015 and the first-ever awarding of the Certification of Ten Pillars Competency.


Year    Number of Graduates Earning Certification of Ten Pillars Competency

2015   259  (7%)

2016   373  (9.7%)

2017   396  (10.1%)

2018   520  (12.9%)

2019   820  (20.9%)

2020   1128 (28.25%)

2021   1528 (40.92%)